How We Saved e-dialog’s 1 Day of Work Every Month


Client Background

e-dialog is a Vienna-based online marketing consulting company. Their expertise lies in SEO & SEM, Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization. e-dialog has worked with renowned companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Manually creating the report

e-dialog manually creates monthly Google Adwords campaign reports for some of their clients. The whole process of preparing the reports for their clients was time-consuming and could take up to one hour per report..

“We create reports manually account by account, downloading the relevant account data from Google AdWords and generating the graphs/campaign overviews. For 15 reports, this is quite time-consuming” our client said

The reports prepared by e-dialog were highly-detailed in nature and consisted of three worksheets. The first sheet would provide a detail reporting of all campaign performance of last 18 months, the second sheet would provide detailed reporting of the current month’s campaign performance and finally the third sheet would cover the performance of major KPIs of different campaigns.

e-dialog contacted Tatvic, looking for a solution that would automate the report generation process & reduce their efforts to a bare minimum. They were looking for a standardized reporting template which updates all current monthly Google Adwords Campaign data at the click of a button.

Approach to Solution

Automating report generation

Using the Tatvic Excel Plugin (a Google Analytics/ Adwords data extraction plugin for Microsoft Excel) Tatvic’s reporting expert created an automated Master Excel Template that would generate reports for their clients within few minutes.

e-dialog now has to perform only two steps to create reports:

Step 1: Enter the Google Adwords Account Name with Start Date & End Date in the Master Template & hit the Refresh Button. This downloads the Google Adwords campaign data into a specially designed master template

Step 2: Hit "Refresh All Pivot Table"
This step creates pivot table and arranges all the required campaign data into two different sheets (Monthly and Campaign) along with dashboard sheet which includes a dynamic graph. So every time the client has to just provide the input and click on refresh button in order to prepare the report for next month.

After performing both the above steps, the client’s AdWords Team had to just add the client logo to give it a personalized look.


More Work in Less Time

The new Automated Master Template enabled e-dialog to generate reports within 2-3 minutes. This way it takes e-dialog less than an hour to generate personalized reports for their 15 clients. Tatvic Team’s one-time effort saved them over day of manual effort every month.

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