How redesigning the Cart Page improved Transactions by 22%


Client Background

Our client is an Electrical supplies ecommerce store based in UK and Ireland. Customers preferred their products due to their high quality offerings and exceptional customer service.


Our client was investing heavily in user acquisition but their conversion rate was not improving. They were concerned about the fact that their user base was increasing but it was not resulting into more transactions or sales.

Client then contacted Tatvic & opted for our Conversion Rate Optimization Services. Tatvic identified the problem areas on client’s site & planned several AB Test with different hypothesis using the Revenue Optimization Framework.

Tatvic adopted a data driven approach to identify problem areas for the site which could be potentially optimized using AB tests. One such area was Cart Page performance. Looking at their GA data, Tatvic identified that their cart pages were sending very small amount of traffic (only 37%) to checkout pages. Additionally, these pages had a very high exit rate. The high amount of exits at the lower end of the shopping funnel was one of the major causes of low conversions rate.


One of the Best practices Tatvic’s CRO Experts recommend is that "distractions are conversion killers". We wanted to use this practice. By removing distractions from the cart page and making the main CTA button stand out we could make users more focused towards action we want them to perform(Clicking on CTA button) and complete their order instead of leaving the page.

Solution: AB Test

Following is the original design of clients Cart Page:

Tatvic made the following changes in the design of cart pages:

  • Removed distractions such as side bar links and log in box
  • Changed the ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button and make it more prominent

After removing the distractions, new cart page designed look liked this:



Changes in the design worked very well for the client. AB Test ran for 16 days and the variation showed an impressive 22% improvement in terms of No. of Transactions. Most important stat for us was that variation has shown improvement with 97% statistical significance. It means that variation has 97% chances to beat original and bring improvement in Transactions. Our client was satisfied with the results and happily implemented the variation on their site.

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