About Tatvic

Tatvic is an internet Marketing and web analytics consulting company. We are focused on improving conversion rate for our client’s web properties using proprietary analytics framework . We are a combination of web data analyst, search marketer, web developer and conversion specialist.

Our Mantra

To help online businesses optimize their online effort by collecting right information and making it actionable.

Core Values

Customer and Conversion Centric:

All our efforts for your online business revolve around conversion to our client goals. We multi-sect customer data to identify opportunity areas of websites, campaigns.

Power of Website Optimization:

We have single minded pursuit to test and optimize your online business by creating roadmaps for A/B Testing and Multivariate testing. We achieve optimization by giving louder voice to online customer of our clients.

Tatvic team has experience with variety of Web Analytics and internet marketing tools ranging from Google AdWords, Omniture, Web Trend, HBX, and Google Analytics. We are certified GACP (Google Analytics Certified Partner) in India.